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You do not need a Credit Repair Company to Repair Your Credit

The First reason that we are better than our competition is that we are honest about all aspects of credit repair and increasing your credit score. Our Competitors make it seem that consumers are unable to repair their credit without the assistance of a Specialist or credit repair company. This is not true. There is no real secret to repairing your credit. Credit repair simply requires unfettering diligence and knowledge of applicable Process. Many common practices for repairing credit are widely available in bookstores and on the internet and can be effective techniques; to the extent they are lawful. We have many resources on our website to help you repair your own credit.


The answer is simple. When you retain a reputable firm such as Credittechno to repair your credit, the job will get done. Credittechno is relentless in pursuing its Clients' rights. Credittechno knows the process and puts that knowledge into play for your benefit. On the other hand, if you endeavor to handle this process on your own, you will likely run out of steam before the job is half done.

Personal Service — It is not good to be one of 10000's clients.

It's simple, we are a boutique firm. We do not have thousands and thousands of clients, we do not want such an unmanageable client base. We make our money by retaining the clients that we have. We retain our clients by serving each client on a personal basis. You are assigned one credit specialist to handle all of your needs; you are not shuffled from employee to employee. We know you by name and we know your file inside and out. We offer far more services because we have a manageable case load.

A firm with 10000's clients simply cannot effectively manage such a client base. These firms make their income simply through volume. They do not care if they serve your needs because they can always replace you with new paying customers. Since their case load is so overwhelming, there is a constant turnover of employees and you are never given any attention beyond the very basics.

Never pay more for less. Our competitors charge up to Rs.20000/- and even more sign-up fee… If you are not satisfied with our services, cancel your file at any time before the solutions provided. Our Annual fees are more affordable and we provide far superior service. For the same annual fee we consistently evaluate your file and assist you in many other ways to improve your credit score.

No Reason to Wait, We will Start Today.

Since we have a much smaller client base, we do not delay in opening your file and beginning to repair your credit. Our competitors often will make you wait weeks until you start to see them actually take an interest in your file. When you sign-up with our competitors, you are placed in a queue and an employee will start your file when it is your turn.

At Credittechno, your turn for service is right after you sign-up. Immediately after becoming our client, you are assigned to a Credit Score Specialist and we begin working on your file. You will begin the initial step of increasing your credit score by disputing your inaccurate Negative Credit History within the time frame after retaining us.

Use the Latest Internet Technology to Repair Your Credit

We spend a large amount of our budget to continually improve our processes with the latest innovative technology. We believe that none of our competitors can compete with the fast, efficient service we provide due in large part to our sophisticated internet based technology. Credittechno provides the simplest and most efficient method to accurately and legally dispute Negative Credit History. Credittechno provides internet based Wizards to guide you through every step of the process. The second we receive any information related to your Credit Repair program, our database is immediately updated and our Credit Specialists are notified of the changes made to your file, enabling us to do our job efficiently.

We understand that some matters require special attention. We also understand that some Clients are not comfortable using a computer. At Credittechno, the choice is up to you. If you want to call Credittechno to manage your file, you are free to do so. Otherwise, every single tool you'll need is available to you via Credittechno Credit Repair program.

It takes more than disputing old credit to maximize your credit score

Though disputing Negative Credit History with credit bureaus is your legal right and can be very effective, it is by no means the only way to repair your credit and increase your credit score. Most credit repair firms only focus on the obvious, their only objective is to remove negative credit history from your credit report. Our objective is to improve your credit score. At Credittechno, we utilize several methods to increase your credit score including:

1. Disputing your Negative Credit History with the Credit Bureaus.
2. Disputing your Negative Credit History with your Creditors.
3. Negotiate with your creditors to resolve any outstanding issues.
4. Assist you to find means to lower your monthly payments.
5. Analyze credit models and suggest ways to conform to the models
6. Run "What if" scenarios to determine what negative credit history you should focus your time on and what negative history is not causing a significant decrease in your score.
7. Work with your lender to help you make legitimate changes to your credit and then have the information quickly sent to the bureaus so that the changes will reflect on your credit report within days.

Credittechno believes that if we have not helped you, we do not deserve your money. We cannot make any promises about how much your credit will increase while following our program. Every person is completely unique and their particular circumstances greatly effect the credit model calculations. No one cannot predict the future. However, we utilize lawful means to increase your credit score and typically our clients enjoy an increased credit score through participation in our credit repair system. If you follow our instructions, as provided in your contract with us, for a period of not less than 6-Months.




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